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We believe we are the best Lehigh Valley painters…why? Because David and Goliath Painting, LLC has painted thousands of homes, businesses, rental properties, and churches, but the one we’re most excited about painting is the one we’re painting today. Your home could be that home. We work with great precision on your property and treat it as though it were out own. Just watch the video below and you can see the care we take with your property. From preparation and staging, to meticulous, detail oriented work, to the all important cleanup phase, we pride ourselves in providing each customer 100% satisfaction on the work we perform.

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Do you have a vision?

Great. We love to execute a homeowner’s vision. Not sure whether to go mild or wild? That’s where our consultative approach and vast experience shines. We’ll work with you to develop a concept that you’ll love, and then we’ll make it happen. Your dream and vision can be transformed to reality with just a simple call to David and Goliath Painting.

David and Goliath Painting is fully insured for your protection. We’ve done projects for home owners, rental properties, office buildings, schools, and more. We believe no job is too big or too small. What’s important to us is delivering exceptional workmanship; we pride ourselves in our work, and look forward to having your rave about us to your friends, family and associates.


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